About OCSC
We are made out of a group of sporting stars of the college to collaborate with our fellow old boys & current students to uplift the college image. OCSC will be looking at each and every sport separately to emphasize requirements & needs to be addressed. We were established on 29th of January 2022. The lead initiator was our OBU Past President Mr. Bertram Mass, to build a strong bunch of sporting leaders to create an audience form the collage old boys to support the school, students & invite the old boys to keep themselves actively involved after they leave the school to support the growth in college sports.

Objectives of OCSC
1. To promote image of the school through sports.
2. To strengthen friendship and relationship among Old Boys through sports.
3. To attract present boys of Carey College towards activities of the Old Boys and thereby making a natural transition from present to old boys on leaving the College.
4. To provide an opportunity for the old boys to remain in touch with the school while availing themselves the facilities of the College to remain physically fit.
OCSC Committee


OCSC President's Message

The 1st year that I have been involved with the club, I have seen amazing growth & team work at the Club. Established in 2022 January with 20 members, Carey College OBU has fostered and encouraged us in many ways to grow during the tough times we passed.

The Club was established by and has strong ties with Carey College Old Boys Union, who is supporting our initiatives organized by the OCSC. This great initiative was made by our OBU Past President Mr. Bertram Mass.

Our registered membership goal is to reach 1000 members within 2 years. With the key initiatives with our “sports champions” have really helped to grow Cricket, Rugby & Football in the first year. We spent hours and hours with the student players in grooming them & coaching them. I am sure this will be a best practice for the rest of the growing sports in Carey College such as Boxing, Badminton, Swimming & many more sports.

The Club’s is strong due to its passionate people, structure & committed OBU. I am honored to work with a team who loves the college image & doing their best to uplift the sporting image of the college.

Since I left college in 2001, I have been taking an effort to keep in touch with my fellow batch mates, contributing by participating for fellowship & to uplift the College image within my ability. I have Carried out many projects as a group of 2001 AL & individually when there was a need.
Success of a club is not just built on words, it about actioning them and executing to win together. success and strength of a club is seen in friendships made, teamwork both on and off the field, players and team officials’ behavior on and off the field, and the emphasis of fun and enjoyment of the sports.

Jahn Derrick Ferdinandus

Old Careyites Sports Club
0094 777-687 079

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